November 30, 2008


I know, I know, this is completely random, but HEY! THAT'S WHAT Ask Little Star IS FOR!!!
Well, at least partially.
I'm sooooo excited! My birthday's coming up in December!!!
I told you it was random!
But I just had to announce it to the world!
Don't you feel that way about your birthday! At least, you did when you were younger. But hey, who said we had to grow up completely by high school?!?! Or even past that!
I think we should always keep a bit of our childhood alive no matter what.

SO tired... G'nite!

Counting down the days,
Little Star

November 27, 2008

Black Friday!!!

As a follow up to my Turkey Day 2008 post, here's the Black Friday 2008 post!!!
I love Black Friday. I really and truly honestly do. I love the midnight madness of staying up late after eating sooooo much food then getting into a car and driving to either many stores one after another or one BIG mall!
What better way to work off all those calories and fats you ate?
Personally, I like the stores that open at midnight better than those that open "early" (aka - 5-6 am). It's easier to stay awake (for me) than to get up early after getting a few hours of rest.
I've already got a list of stores that I want to go to, most involve BIG SALES and SAVINGS!!!

So, if you're looking for some exercise after Turkey Day, Black Friday shopping combines aerobic activities with weight lifting. You get to build up leg AND arm muscles, lung capacity, and endurance. You also get to exercise your mind! "If it's X amount before, with a Y% off, then the new price is Z!!!"

Little Star

Happy Turkey Day!!!!

Happy Turkey Day all!!!
I'm so happy that we have a break this weekend, this year feels like it's been crawling along, then all of a sudden - BOOM! KAPOW! BAM! KABOOM!!!! We're almost at the end of 2008.
As you get older, you feel as thought it's all slipping by faster and faster.
At the end of 5th grade, I was thinking, "OH BOY! Middle school! Oh yeah, and like 7 years until university."
At the end of 8th grade, I was thinking, "OH SHOOT! High school! Oh my, 4 more years until university."
At the end of 9th grade, the thought was, "OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! ONLY 3 MORE YEARS!!!!"
By the time you get through half of sophomore year, you're thinking, "Okay, I need to start thinking about scholarship prerequisites, must get in internship, summer school, and volunteering time."
Add to the time factor the social pressures of being a teenager and you have the recipe for acne and stress and lack of sleep and KABOOM!!!!

Pop goes the teenager!

and with that thought,
I go to help cook the Turkey Day food!
mmmm, smells wafting through the house, I'm already hungry!!!
Little Star

November 07, 2008

Roman Epitaphs...

I know, I know. Halloween has past so all the ghostly/ghoulish/death-related things should be done. But, I have Roman epitaphs for you!!!
Epitaphs: epi (on) and taphos (tomb) --- originally Greek, but I can't get the Greek letters on the blog so... sorry.
These epitaphs were found on elaborate graves - some even including dining areas so the living could dine on the festival days for the dead...right where their dead family members were buried!
The Romans had 2 laws about burial:
  1. Let no bone show above the ground.
  2. Let no bodies be buried within the city walls.
And so, in the cities, the dead were buried in elaborate tombs lining the roads leading to the city, starting at the city walls and (sometimes) stretching for miles on end. There were many different types of tombs, some were made for freedmen/freedwomen and their families, others were for the rich person's family and descendants. The rich people's tombs were obviously more elaborate than the poor people's were. Many poorer people joined burial societies, where, for a small monthly fee, they had companionship throughout their life and a decent burial.

SO, care to test your Latin skills? Yeah, I didn't think so. Fine, I'll give you the translations.
  1. The Obvious: Sumus mortales, non sumus immortales --- We are mortals, we are not immortals.
  2. The Weird: Rogo te, viator, monumento nil male feceris. Ne quis hic urinam faciat. --- I ask you, traveler, do no bad to this monument. Don't let anyone make urine here.
  3. The True: Quod tu es, fui. Quod nunc sum, tu eris. --- What you are, I was. What I am now, you will be.
  4. The Most-Well Known: Requescat in pace. --- Let one rest in peace.
#4 is known to us as R.I.P and is found on all tombstones sold as Halloween decorations!

Well, I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!

University and Scholarships

Hmmm, I know, there are some that tell me: "University? Already? You're insane!" or "Scholarships? What, are you going to university next year or something! No! You're insane!"
Well, yeah.
It's never to early to start! Oh, and jobs, internships, and volunteer hours!!!
Yay! I got an Academic Letter (3.8 GPA or higher!)!! That's one more thing to add to my resume!
"Wait, resume?"
Yeah, it's a great thing, always keep it updated!!!
Wow, this was a totally random post...