November 29, 2007

Black Friday....

This is a shopper's fantasy, everything on sale!! Can you imagine it! This year, I was able to go! I stayed up until Friday morning and at 1:00 AM, I was SHOPPING!!! Yes, it was a lot of fun, but man, was it cold! I went to an outdoor mall, so I didn't have the luxury of staying warm, however, all of that aside, it was a great experience. I still haven't gotten over that little adrenaline rush!
The next holidays coming up, the WINTER HOLIDAYS!! A time for giving, caring, loving, and recieving. Don't forget the nights full of parties and food!!!
Ways to make this year memorable...
> Write a comment saying what your best gift was...
> Participate in a Secret Santa (if you have to ask what this is, try google-ing it to get proper instructions)...
> Save up your money to MAKE someone a gift...
> Don't forget, some of the best gifts come in small packages - make a few mini treats
or mini gifts to give away to your friends...
> Get a group of friends/family together to go caroling, or stay at home
and sing some carols together...
> Remember, volunteer to spread the holiday spirit!

Making a gift for someone special,
Little Star

November 20, 2007

Bus 682: Day ???

Well, no clue what day it is, but on Bus 682, who cares? Life is a party...except for when we all have biology, math, and computer science quizzes/tests/quests (it falls between a quiz and a test - a big quiz or a little test-depends on how you see it) and papers due. Then, we are all asleep or studying or a little bit of both.
So even though tomorrow is the day before the day where we all pig out and eat WAY too much (AKA Thanksgiving), we still have to get up before the sun...

Oh well, for me at least, it beats having to clean the entire house from top to bottom!

Got to go study for a quiz/test/quest,
Little Star

Thanksgiving Text-ers

Well, I was reading over some of the newest comments and I noticed that someone had put down a number to text to the soldiers overseas.
Here is the number to text if you want to join the over 50, 000 people with text-er's thumb already: 8-9-2-7-9
If any of you wanted to read more about this program, here is the website that I found for this. While there, check out some of the other projects going on.

Text-er's Thumb,
Little Star

November 18, 2007

Thank you - Gratias Ago

For the first time (because this blog is fairly new) I am inviting you all to leave a comment thanking someone (or more) for what they do.

As you all know, Veteran's Day (Rememberance Day in Canada) was on the 11th. Have any of you heard of a poem called In Flander's Fields? It was written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918) who was part of the Canadian Army. Therefore, growing up in Canada for half my life, In Flander's Field was the poem read by my school every Rememberance Day. We all wore poppies to honor those who had fallen, which lead me to remember that day as Poppy Day. For those who would like to, here is a URL address to the Arlington National Cemetary website's page for the poem:

In addition to Veteran's Day, we also have Thanksgiving coming up on the 25th. If you paid attention in social studies class around 1st grade (all the way up to about...I don't know, forever?) you would know the story behind Thanksgiving. Well, is having a mini-Thanksgiving party. Starting whenever you read this post, leave one comment or more describing/telling about someone you would like to thank. It could be friends, parents, whatever you want.

This is the First Gratias Ago (Latin for "I am thankful for").
Thank you,
Little Star

November 10, 2007

First Grading Period Ends for me...

Sooo....the first grading period of this school year has ended...and we got our grades...and we prepared to be shell-shocked. However, I think that we were just preparing ourselves for the worst.
I don't know about the rest of you all, but I did much better than I must be a psychological thing - we prepare for the worst so that we will be prepared for it, and be surprised by anything better!
I know, I know I haven't blogged very much. There is a lot to catch up on!
Let's see:
The sam kid was called 'woman' and responded, "I am not a woman!" which promptly made the guys (who are so immature!) say, "That means you like girls!"
This caused the sam kid to go off in a tizzy about, "I am as straight as an arrow!"
Followed by (from the immature guys), "But if you're not a woman, then you are a man and you like girls...unless you are gay!" other words, the guys were just pushing Sam kid's buttons and she fell for it.
Um...what else?
Oh, we played Truth-or-Dare and to get into our "Circle of Trust" you had to answer the initiation question: Who do you like?
From there, everything that was said/done in the Circle, stayed in the Circle no matter how juicy/funny/crazy/insane/embarrassing it was. A great dare was the one where you had to make up a song that had all of your previous and current (if any) crushes' names. The sam kid received this dare as well as the best one (in my opinion): the letter to your crush. The person receiving this dare had to say aloud a letter confessing his/her love for his/her crush. A recommendation for those of you who will actually use this dare, try remembering as much of the letter or the parts that were really funny and use it as blackmail later on. Just kidding! :)

Anyways, I hope you all had a great first quarter...and that you didn't completely fail all of your classes!

Signing off very boring-ly today,
Little Star

November 04, 2007

Wow! It's November!

Wow...I haven't blogged in forever. Ok, so it's the long weekend and the first quarter of the school year is over! Yahoo! Anyways, I don't know if I already blogged this or not, but my friend and I made up a seven-language song. It goes: (the spelling may not be correct)
Ita vero,
I forgot what this word is,
Buenos noches,
Au revoir,

The translation:
"Telephone Number" in Japanese
"Yes" in Latin
"I forgot what this word is" in English
"Good night" in Spanish
"Hello(?)" in German
"Goodbye" in French
"Hello/Goodbye" in Hawaiian

Going on, I hope ya'll had a good Halloween and you went trick-or-treating and you didn't give up that opportunity for free candy just because you were "too old" (NO SUCH THING!!) as long as you had a costume. Yay! Free candy! So, see ya'll later!

Going on another sugar high,
Little Star