September 03, 2011

Spelling Failures

Taking the SAT was hard for multiple reasons.
First, the test is long. Really, really long. As in 3 hours of sitting on your butt, staring at a booklet full of questions, bubbling in your answers (be careful, don't want to finish only to find out that you accidentally filled out question 5's answer in the space for question 6...), and trying to remember everything you've ever learned.
And by everything you've ever learned, I mean all the spelling and grammar rules. The worst part of taking the SAT is coming out of the testing room and back into the real world of improper grammar and incorrect spelling.
For example, after sitting through 3 hours of SAT, I came out only to hear someone say, "Yo, man! Where you at?"
It's WHERE ARE YOU not "where you at"!
There are other instances where I just feel myself slipping back into SAT mode for spelling corrections. In fact, some of these instances are so common for so many people, that they have become their own internet meme (definition of internet meme as provided by Wikipedia). One such is Asian spelling mistakes. In other words, when something is imported from Asia, the English spelling of all words is not necessarily correct.
I was (un)fortunate enough to be able to experience this phenomenon first hand at a Grand Mart (Asian supermarket).

Example 1:
I guess you could just focus on the is a cute picture...
They did put the correct form of you're/your, so not a complete and utter failure.
"You're my sunchine"
Although, why a dead fish and another fish about to die is suitable for the quote "You're my sunshine"...

Examples 2 and 3:
They were very inventive; they were unable to spell "cushion" not on one flyer, but two and two different spellings...

 I have to give them some credit, though. They got it on the third try.

Anyways, I guess the whole point of this post was to show you just how important it is to follow proper grammar and spelling rules. It just makes life easier.
Off to spellcheck my essay,
Little Star

September 01, 2011

First Day

The first day of school is always kind of nerve wracking.
Did I do a good enough job remembering where my classes were from yesterday's walk around campus? When I scheduled my classes, did I leave enough time to get from place to place and enough time to get something to eat?
Did I have anyone to eat with...or would I be a loner?
As a college freshman, it's both better and worse than in high school. In high school (or at least, at my school), all of my friends and I had the same lunch block. In college, classes are self-scheduled and you don't always have lunch with your roommate or with your other friends.
In high school, the classes were all in the same building, and the maps would show classrooms and classroom numbers. In college, classes are all over campus in multiple buildings, and maps show buildings, but never classrooms. In high school, the farthest distance you had to cross between classes was the length of the building. In college, the farthest distance you have to cross between classes is the length between the two farthest buildings you have classes in.
What I'm trying to say, though, is that the first day is the first day. Whether it's the first day of school, first day of work, first day of any other sort of engagement, we all go through the same anxieties. Eventually, we find what works for us and settle in...until the next new challenge, of course.
As my housefellow said, a situation is only as awkward as you make it. Take time to meet someone new, no situation is too awkward as long as you say it isn't.
Off to be (not) awkward,
Little Star