July 22, 2008

How To...Take on the World!

Guess what?!
There's actually a site that caters to all your How-To questions. Unfortunately, it's not this site, but very close! Well, not really.
Ever heard of Wikipedia? It's the encyclopedia anyone can edit. Now, there's also a site called wikiHow: The site YOU can edit and like Wikipedia, you can edit and add to it!
When you visit the site, just type in whatever you're looking for and BOOM! there's all your results. People offer their take on How-To do many things from the extravagant-only-for-the-really-serious How-To ideas to the simple "How to find a lost object" and everything in between.

If you've ever felt like tackling your own home DIY, but aren't sure how to...or the TV is broken and you can't watch HGTV or Food Network or wherever you're looking, just check any of the Internet's vast amount of resources.
Here's a head start: How to Search the internet
There's tons more at wikiHow if you just type in what you're looking for!

Off to find out how to DIM (Do It Myself),
Little Star