September 23, 2009

Copenhagen 09

You know all of those great treaties that we all know about? The North Atlantic Treaty (forming the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO), the Charter of the United Nations (forming the United Nations - the UN), the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI, etc. The treaty that's going to be remembered in the future that will be signed in our life times is going to be the new global treaty that's on the table now for Copenhagen, Denmark this December 2009.
Replacing the Kyoto Protocol, the treaty will also focus on cutting emissions, but now, the consequences of not doing so will be more drastic and appear sooner than before. Scientists have determined that the acceptable level of CO2 parts per million in the atmosphere is about 350. Right now, we're at 385.92 parts per million - and that's too much. Right now, the treaty at Copenhagen doesn't meet the 350 standard; we need to mobilize the world to send a "clear message to world leaders: the solutions to climate change must be equitable, they must be grounded in science, and they must meet the scale of the crisis" (
If we don't act now, how much of the Earth will be left for future generations? Will there even be any future?
Act now to save the planet - sign the pledge at to support the call for a cleaner planet. Join now and show your support for the Earth on October 24, 2009: send letters to your politicians, organize a community bike ride/walk, gather friends to participate in service projects that help the environment, spread the news. Whatever you do, take a picture of it and submit it to to show your support.

Little Star