December 05, 2007

First Snow of the Season!!!!

Well, it's my birthday tomorrow and I got the best gift one day early! Today, starting around 6:00 we got snow!!!!
However, the schools didn't close and we still had to get up. We were all standing around in the falling snow at the bus stop. When the bus did arrive, a few minutes later than usual, we hopped on and warmed up. After the last stop, we headed to the school...but ran into MAJOR traffic along the way. What usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour in the mornings around 7 to 8 on most days, took us about 3 and a half hours today. There were crashes, back-ups, and horrible traffic due to the snow. Our bus passed a news camera set up at the side of the road. We didn't know if it was recording or not, but upon seeing it, out the window goes the sam kid's head and arms. After passing it and waving frantically, the sam kid confided, "I considered shouting SOS!"
An hour and a half or two into the ride, we started hearing comments such as, "I have got to go pee so bad!" After pulling into a local Sunoco gas station to hear the dispatch office's dispatches, the bus driver responded, "It took 2 hours to move the distance usually covered in about 5 minutes, I've got kids needing to PEE, and we are nowhere near the school!" The whole bus started to crack up because of the blatant finger-pointing *cough*sam kid*cough*
The sam kid begged, "Just let me run into the Sunoco's bathroom really, really fast!"
Finally, I joked, "Let's go outside and start caroling as we wait for the bus to move another three inches!"
After a couple more card games, a tiny bit of homework and studying, and a really small bit of sleeping, we reached the school. The girls bombarded the office to get the late passes then headed for the bathrooms. Ah, relief at last!
Later, after talking to some kids on other buses who got there around the same time as we did, I found out that one bus had made a bathroom break at a McDonald's they had passed!!!
After getting to school about 2 and a half hours later than we usually did, we left school about 2 hours early to ensure that we were able to get home. :)

So, the best birthday present you could get (snow and a possible day off from school) plus some really great gifts that you opened the day before your actual birthday because you are too busy on your actual birthdate, made for one of the best days in the year/season/school year!!!!

Going out to enjoy the snow before it melts,
Little Star