June 01, 2013

Summer Cooking Adventures Vol 1

Well. Not only is this summer my first internship (therefore first exposure to the real-world-real-people work), it's also my first summer with a real kitchen and a real need to feed myself.

Hence, I must learn to cook.

Oh dear.

On day 1 of cooking, I made eggs for myself, Mommy (who was still here after driving out with me before flying back home), and my apartment mates.

I managed to 1) fail at scrambled eggs, 2) fail at flipping eggs, 3) fail at adding the right amount of oil, 4) fail and manage to burn the nonstick pan.

Oh dear.

Day 2 of real cooking was my first day of work. I couldn't get the temperature of the pan hot enough to cook the eggs (I was worried about a repeat from the day before when the temperature was wayyyyy too hot) for at least 20 minutes. Good thing I got up so early before I actually had to be leaving for work...

Day 3 of real cooking saw me turn on the wrong burner and wonder why my pan wasn't heating up for the longest time.

Day 4 of real cooking had the right burner, the right pan, and the right egg flip! Now if only that success can be repeated.

The only thing I can really say is that I seem like a fast learner, right? It only took 4 days of forcing myself to cook so I wouldn't starve! But that was only breakfast. After our first day of work, we all ate dinner together (me and the 3 apartment mates). Each one of them made a dish or two....and I washed the dishes.

:) I'd say that was a fair trade. Observe how to cook while cleaning all the pans and stuff so that the few dishes could use them too. I will learn by the end of the summer though!

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